A is for Autorickshaw, B is for Bollywood, C is for Cricket

A big thank you to Arjun Murali from the Coimbatore Quiz Circle for this super-fun A to Z quiz. Take a crack at it and send your answers to yalibooks@gmail.com. We will declare the winner on Thursday, April 11.


A is an Indian International Cricketer who won his first test cap in the recent Delhi Test against Australia.

A plays for the franchise B in the Indian Premier League. B is partly owned by C, a famous bollywood actress.

C’s debut movie was the 1993  Bollywood thriller Baazigar, which also starred D and E, pairing for the first time.

D and E starred in F, a 1995 Romantic Comedy musical film. F is the longest running film in the history of Indian Cinema.

D acted in a 2000 bilingual Tamil and Hindi film G, directed by H.

G was India’s official entry to the Oscars to be considered for nomination in the Best Foreign Film category for the year 2000.

I portrays J in G.

I had originally auditioned to play J in K’s 1982 biopic of J.

The role was played by L, who won the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in the film.

M won the National award for Best Supporting Actor for his role of Shriram Abhyankar in G.

N is an upcoming film about a man’s journey from Mumbai to Rameshwaram and what happens along the way.

N stars D and O in the lead roles.

P is a 2007 Tamil biographical film based on the life of social-reformer P, funded by the Tamil Nadu Government, starring Q.

Q plays O’s father in the movie N.

O’s real-life father R, is a former badminton player.

R was the first Indian to win the prestigious All England Championship.

R along with S, a professional player of English billiards, have co-founded T, which is a Foundation to identify and support Indian athletes with a proven track record and who have the potential to win Olympic gold medals.

A plays his domestic cricket for the team U, currently captained by V.

V is the third highest wicket-taker for India in ODIs, after W and X.

W  is the leading wicket taker from India in Cricket World Cups, with 44 wickets in the 1992, 1996, 1999 and 2003 World cups. X, with 619 wickets in Test cricket, remains the third-highest wicket taker of all time.

X also captained the Indian Test side from 2007 till his retirement, after which the role was handed over to Y.

Y also captains the franchise Z, owned by India Cements Ltd, of which Y is the Vice-President.


Click here for the answer key. Don’t peek before you give it a try!

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