A Sea Of Camels

I have been drawing camels all day! I am sitting here surrounded by sheets and sheets of copy paper, covered with grinning dromedaries! To stop myself from going completely batty, I thought I would share some of the sketches with you. Take a look!

sea of camels 1

The first attempts made Pavan look too docile, not like the sly troublemaker he really is.

sea of camels 3

Ah, better, but not yet there. There is still room for improvement. Let’s try again.

sea of camels 4

Which one is Pavan? Big-chinned like an athlete or scholarly with a high forehead? Fashionable with a little goatee or wrinkly and old?

sea of camels 2

He, he, he! Look at that face, that is a winner. With a couple of bells and trinkets hanging off his nose and neck, he is also very festive.  World, say hello to Pavan!

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