Yali Books is an independent publishing venture founded by Kala Sambasivan and Ambika Sambasivan.

Kala Sambasivan is a prolific and inventive children’s writer. She has published numerous stories in India’s leading newspapers and has two long-running columns in The Hindu and Deccan Herald. Her delightfully whimsical tales engage children in complex issues such as conservation with humor and creativity. Read some of her hilarious stories here.

Her daughter, Ambika Sambasivan, is an illustrator-by-accident. She has created artwork for books published by Scholastic India and Karadi Tales. She works with craft paper to create distinctive collages built on a simple, clean aesthetic. More of her work can be seen at Studio WotMot.

Yali Books was created with the idea of giving readers a glimpse into the intricate culture, history, and heritage of South Asian cultures. Yali is home to all kinds of unique and wonderful books, starting with our first, Bye, Bye, Motabhai!. There will be sights and sounds from Afghanistan to Sri Lanka, and people from Pakistan to Bhutan. As Yali Books grows, we are seeking to showcase new talent in South Asian writing and illustration. Together, we would like to open a window to this incredible region and its cultures and invite the world to look inside.