Illustration, Pavan's Adventures

Little Pieces Of Paper And A Sharpie Marker

The Yali team has been busy, busy, busy. While Kala has been hard at work, tweaking and editing the story, I have been creating the artwork, one spread at a time. I thought it might be fun to share the process with you, dear readers. Here is how it is done at Yali HQ. First,… Continue reading Little Pieces Of Paper And A Sharpie Marker

Pavan's Adventures

That’s Just Plain Weird!

Have you ever met a camel? If you have, you are not likely to forget the experience. Camels are just really weird (in a lovable sort of way!). Let's get to know them a bit better, shall we? Did you know that all the camels in the world belong to domesticated herds? There are no… Continue reading That’s Just Plain Weird!