Releasing Spring 2024

Billu Buttons

By Gus Singh

Art by Delzin Choksey

Billu likes to dress himself every morning. He buttons up his shirts and ties his shoelaces. But no matter how hard he tries, Billu never manages to line up the buttons. And he doesn’t quite tuck his shirt in correctly. His mum tries to help him, but he declares, “I am fine as I am.” His classmates take to calling him Billu Buttons, even imitating his mismatched style on his birthday, but Billu takes their teasing in his stride. He shows up dressed in his own style because Billu is truly fine just the way he is.

In a multilayered and heartening story featuring a confident Sikh boy, this picture book debut celebrates the power of self-esteem in the face of pressure to conform.