Ritu Weds Chandni (Winter 2020)


Ritu weds Chandni_Cover.png

Ritu Weds Chandni

by Ameya Narvankar

Little Ayesha is all excited for her favorite cousin Ritu’s wedding. She can’t wait to dance at the baraat ceremony! But not everyone is happy that Ritu is marrying her girlfriend Chandni. Some have even vowed to stop the celebrations. Will Ayesha be able to save her cousin’s big day?

This vibrant book sets the story of a same-sex couple struggling to gain acceptance against the colorful backdrop of an Indian wedding.

Age Range: 4-6 years
Type: Hardcover and Paperback, 38 pages
Publisher: Yali Books
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-949528-94-7 (Hardcover), 978-1-949528-93-0 (Paperback)