The Sorcerer of Mandala

The Sorcerer of Mandala

By D Kalyanaraman

Art by Raghava KK

Age Range: 14+
Pages: 244
Imprint: Yali Books
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0989061537 (Paperback) / 978-0989061544 (eBook)

Be careful what you wish for!

Long, long ago or just a year ago – depending on when you read this – the Astu Devas wake up and grant the absurd wishes of two citizens of Orum, leaving the town isolated from the rest of civilization.
It is now up to Vikram, his reluctant fiancée Ponni, and his friends, Kalla, a thief, and Bana, an aspiring playwright, to steal a fabled blood jewel and save Orum. Oh, did we mention the jewel hangs around the neck of the demonic goddess, Rakta Katteri, guarded by her devotee, the terrifying Sorcerer of Mandala? Come, enter a portal to an enchanting new world!

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