Dromedary Dreams

Real-life Pavan!

I have always thought that writing a story was a process in which characters, dialogue and the plot’s twists and turns were pulled out of thin air by the author. However, that was not how Pavan and his tales came to be.

On a holiday in Udaipur, I met “Pavan”, a camel with laughing eyes and an attitude! On the first day of our holiday in the city of lakes, my family and I wandered through the magnificent palaces, forts and gardens. Finally, tired yet buoyant, we came to a crowded area that had shops and restaurants. Much to my daughter’s delight there was a camel and its owner offering city tours on the animal’s back. She begged and pleaded till we consented to her demand of “just one ride”.

There stood my hero, the inspiration for creation of Pavan, our dromedary dreamer. He had bells around his neck and on his legs and a rainbow-colored cloth on his back. He looked regal. Eagerly, my daughter climbed on his back and made herself comfortable. What happened next she could never forget. The camel turned to look at us, spat a mouthful of mushy cud all around and grinned broadly. Then he made a sudden dash through busy and congested roads of the city. Although it was no joy ride for her and no easy money for his owner, the camel found a place in my heart. I just knew that I had to write a story featuring the amazing camel and his adventures. And thus, Hump-back Tales, a series of dromedary capers across India was born.


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