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Amla Mater is getting a lot of love from readers and reviewers alike! We are so proud of author-illustrator Devi Menon for creating this beautiful first book and we can’t wait to see more of her work out in the world. Here is a sample of what reviewers have to say –

Amla Mater is a meditation on memory… Menon’s art is simple but graceful, and carries an air of intimacy…” – FOREWORD REVIEWS, Graphic Novel Spotlight (Jul/Aug 2018)

“Devi Menon’s wonderfully told story explores notions of home, identity and longing in her lyrical homage to memory.” – Nicola Streeten, author of award-winning graphic memoir, Billy, Me & You

“…the story is warm, evocative and tender…and resolved in the most satisfactory way imaginable!” – Jane Porter, author-illustrator of Pink Lion

“…this debut graphic novel is a delightful little book for you to devour on a lazy day and is one you will want to come back to…” – Hamsini Ravi, Women’s Web

“…Amla Mater is an idea bomb where thoughts about moving through life in a hetero- female embodiment keep fizzing in the brain long after reading the last page.” – Cardyn Brooks Reviews, Media Diversified

“Amla Mater, can easily be called a ‘coming of age’ kind of book for it captures the various stages in a woman’s life exceptionally well. The climax had me in happy tears, as I witnessed the power of true friendship and heartfelt relationships. It left me joyous on having found a friend in Mili.” – Namrata, The Same

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