DIY Durga Saraswati Lakshmi Devi Set – Wooden Indian Goddess Golu Kokeshi Doll Paint Coloring Craft Kit


Paint your own Devi Bommai!

Durga is the warrior incarnation of Devi, the feminine aspect of the Divine. She represents the qualities of bravery and inner strength. She wields a golden ‘trishul’, or trident, as her weapon of choice. She fights ferociously against her enemies and is invincible in battle. She is one of the most powerful avatars of the Devi.

Saraswati is the intellectual incarnation of Devi, the feminine aspect of the Divine. She is the guardian of culture, education, knowledge and the arts. She holds a ‘veena’, a stringed instrument, in her hands. She blesses her devotees with a thirst for knowledge, power of speech and sharpness of intellect.

Lakshmi is the most popular incarnation of Devi, the feminine aspect of the Divine. She bestows wealth and prosperity on her devotees. She also said to bring good fortune and to solve all money-related problems at home and in business. She also the embodiment of love and beauty and the most graceful form of the Devi.



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A DIY Bommai Kit contains a doll with the form outlined in ink, mini paint pods with paints and sealant, and a set of brushes. Everything you need to create your own Bommai masterpiece! Kits come with basic instructions. DIY dolls can be purchased without the paint and brushes.

***Important – Paint kits cannot be shipped outside the United States.***

Please note –

These dolls are not intended for play. These dolls are for decorative purposes only and should be treated as works of art. As with all hand-crafted products, there will be slight variations in color and/or detail, not affecting the overall appearance of each doll.

Details –

Each doll is 3.75″ tall. Doll blanks are made of birch wood. The kit contains non-toxic acrylic paints in mini paint pods, a non-toxic satin sealant and brush set.

Please allow a minimum of 5 days to ship. We will send you updates when the piece is complete and ready to ship. Shipping times vary based on location.

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3 in
DIY Kit Options

DIY Dolls + Paint Kit, DIY Dolls only


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