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Your ticket to an incredible journey is here.

Friends, our gorgeous coloring journal Wanderlust, is up for pre-orders. The artwork is stunning and the coloring is oh-so-addictive. And to sweeten the deal, pre-orders receive a surprise gift! Pre-order your copy today at Kitaab World!  


The (hi)story behind the Taj Mahal

he A post by our guest blogger, Vandhana K., a sixteen-year-old who talks in puns and writes in poems, enjoys tasty food and tasteful books (both at once if she can get them).  This is the story of how the Taj Mahal, the epitome of historic architectural finesse came into being in Agra, in the heart of… Continue reading The (hi)story behind the Taj Mahal


The Story of Jaipur, Part 5: A City is Born

It was the year 1727. Twenty years have passed since the death of the Emperor Aurangazeb, the last of the Great Mughals and the Empire’s glory days are fading rapidly. After Bahadur Shah, Aurangazeb's heir, monarchs come and go with the changing seasons. By 1719, the real power behind the throne are a scheming duo… Continue reading The Story of Jaipur, Part 5: A City is Born