*Pre-order Announcement* Meet Tashi and his friend, Moon.

  Julley! My name is Tashi and I am from Ladakh. I am the little boy from a story called 'Milky Way'. Did you know that my story is now a book? My friend Mamta Nainy has written the words and Siddhartha Tripathi has drawn some beautiful pictures. Meet my friend, Moon. We chat everyday through the… Continue reading *Pre-order Announcement* Meet Tashi and his friend, Moon.

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Authentic, not just Diverse

2016 might just be the Year of Diversity. Everyone (or at least everyone on Twitter) is waking up to the fact that our books, movies, and TV shows are strange pale worlds, completely cut off from the reality of everyday life. We now have friends, colleagues, neighbors, even relatives, from cultures that are different from the… Continue reading Authentic, not just Diverse